Custom & Bespoke Services

Custom Made

We appreciate that every lived in environment is different and personal as you are, so if you love something that you see and require a different size or finish please let us know & we’ll do our best to craft it for you.

As a boutique we speak directly with our craftsmen so customising your furniture needs with us is much easier than many others in the market.

We also work on a commissioning basis with interior designers to create luxurious bespoke pieces of furniture.


Bespoke Services

We also provide bespoke services to clients who are looking for something that is more personal & which perfectly suits their needs, tastes, lifestyle & environment. Each of our handcrafted piece is more than just a furniture. It is the sum of its parts with each joint, curve and groove telling a story about the technique, skill or material used.

And when we make that piece especially for you, you become a part of The TimberMaker journey & the piece becomes part of yours. So whether you are looking to refurbish your home, restaurant, hotel or any other environment where furniture is an integral part or you just need something custom made please get in touch & we will be glad to assist!