Our Commitment to You

We're not mass producers, we are a design-led atelier where we handcraft each piece in-house & provide you not just with furniture for you to purchase but for you to proudly own, cherish & make a part of your home & memories for years to come!

Expertly Handcrafted

Each piece of furniture is expertly handcrafted by our skilled artisans using traditional methods passed on from generations, guaranteeing strength & durability.

When we say we handcraft each piece we mean it & our artisans use their finest woodworking skills. These techniques enable our furniture pieces to retain maximum strength & durability. This ensures that the wood only reacts naturally without losing its strength. Our use of wholly sustainable & eco-friendly materials will also make it easier to reuse & recycle in the future after you have loved, enjoyed & cherished our furniture for many many years of use!

Solid Wood Furniture - Sustainable & Handcrafted

Each of our furniture piece is expertly handcrafted using sustainable solid wood meaning that it retains its natural beauty. Because we use traditional handcrafting techniques the wood goes through minimal machine processing thus being a sustainable process in itself.

Designed for years to come

All our furniture is designed in our atelier in Jodhpur, India where our exceptionally talented artisans handcraft each piece with the same attention to detail as the other so that we can bring them to you to enjoy & make it a part of your life, home & memories for years to come. Since we use sustainable natural solid wood you can be as close to nature as possible in your own home as you can feel the natural grain & texture of the wood. Our furniture is not just a piece but a part of your home which lives with you.

Also, natural wood has the ability to adapt itself & react to humidity, heat & other temperature variations giving itself longer life. Solid wood can be repaired, cared for & maintained easily & in a fuss-free manner. Quite often applying a coat of good quality protective finish such as bees-wax, eco-friendly linseed or tung oil will make your furniture look as good as new.

All these properties of natural sustainable solid wood & our processes involved in handcrafting each of the piece means we're sustainable right from the start to even after you have placed it in your home & for many many years to come.

Fuss Free Furniture

More than 70% of our furniture come ready assembled meaning that you just have to unbox them & place them in your desired location in your home & enjoy while the rest of them will only require putting the legs or bases together. You don't have to spend copious amounts of time trying to figure out which piece goes where as the process is extremely simple.