At The TimberMaker we've got sustainability at our heart & not just in the wood we use. From the materials we use to the process we employ in handcrafting each furniture piece we ensure that we're using sustainable practices as well. All our wood is kiln dried & treated to high standards to give it strength, longevity & the character needed for our artisans to handcraft every piece of furniture. 

Not just that, but we carefully choose our supply chain partners to ensure that they share the same ethos & commitment towards the planet as ours. Take for example our logistics & fulfilment partner Mango Logistics Group who don't just use electric cargo bikes (for last mile deliveries), electric vans & low emissions vehicles to reduce carbon emissions but are also ethical in how they conduct their business by partnering with charities such as the British Red Cross, A Band of Brothers to name a few.

Thrifty use of resources

We do not mass produce & as a result we automatically use less resources & energy. This also means that when we handcraft in limited numbers, you as our customer are guaranteed a rare piece or a collection which will not be made in the hundreds & thousands rather only 50-100 during their lifetime in design!

We also make a conscious effort to use reclaimed timber in some of our product designs. This way we not only reuse timber after carefully treating & getting them ready to give them a new life but we also create some beautiful designs & pieces which are unique & bespoke.

Our stringent material selection means that we only use wood that is either sustainable or sustainably harvested. Other products such as polish, wax & other products that go into the production of the furniture are also sustainable or eco-friendly & therefore our carbon (CO2) footprint is low as well. 

100% natural solid wood

We use 100% natural solid wood while handcrafting each of our furniture piece. This ensures that the natural beauty of the wood in terms of its grains, natural texture & other associated qualities come out shining when the furniture is placed in your home & surroundings. We believe that the furniture you choose is an extension of you & therefore needs to reflect your natural self.

Keeping traditional woodworking alive

In our atelier, our highly skilled artisans use traditional woodworking & assembly to handcraft each piece. This ensures that there is minimal processing & less usage of unnecessary hardware. Using this process also means that the life, strength & durability of the furniture increases manifold so you can enjoy your furniture for years to come.